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Kids story book
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There are lots and lots of children's books around. While children need guidance to read the right stuff, parents themselves get drowned in the sea of confusing abundance. This book comes as a refreshing wave that is bound to appeal to children and parents alike. The author has interwoven education and entertainment in a very effective manner. I would love to gift this book to my grandchildren (and their parents!)

Ashok Grover, India

Rupal takes us through an exciting, explorative, reflective journey through this book. It is simplistically written with wonderful activities embedded throughout the book. It's a great way to think, reflect and imbibe the wisdom of our ancestors into us and the next generation.

What stand out are
1. The narrative in the form of a story
2. Touching of various aspects of culture
3. Ease of understanding
4. Extended learning through activities

An enjoyable, interesting read!

Sindhu K, India

This book has a beautiful theme and address a key gap in today’s world. It weaves together the core essence of family, kindness and moral based Indian culture with the fabric of intellectual insights behind common practices followed in India since ages. It then brings all this to life for the middle school children today and their parents and makes the knowledge relevant in context of today’s contemporary western fast paced world. The book also weaves in such rich content via a delightful family based story set in beautiful nature making it an easy and light-hearted read which kids will enjoy. Quite a feat by the author Rupal. Highly recommend this book to children, parents, teachers and libraries.

Sourajit Ghosh, USA

This book was such a pleasure to read to my kid. Although the book is for older kids, my 4 year could appreciate it. It’s very well written - culturally nuanced, yet has an universal appeal. The graphics are very appealing and makes the whole experience of reading more pleasurable. Thoroughly enjoyable. It’s in our frequently read stack at home now! I hope the author writes more books.

Dhanya, USA

Once you start reading this book, you wont feel like putting it down. I have 4 grandkids growing up in USA. I just wished, how i would have loved to have got this book in my hand when I was with them in States before the Pandemic. The beautiful illustrations complemented the narrative so well . The style of story telling explaining the Indian culture specific to Athithi devo Bhava , Namasthe, Bells ringing, Om chanting and so on are very unique and exquisite . In fact planning to explain all these to my grandkids, by reading out loud to them, when they come visiting us . 3 cheers to the Author. Recommending this book to all

My child’s birthday was coming around the corner and I was looking to give away books to all the invitees. I began searching and found that some books appeal to boys and some others appeal to girls. I wanted to get a book that both boys and girls could enjoy. “Indian Side Up” turned out to be one such book. The story flowed freely from one chapter to another. The characters were all clearly defined and well- illustrated as well. It was an apt book for 10 year olds. I got messages from most kids saying that they loved the book and also learnt so much about India that they didn’t know earlier. I strongly recommend this book to all parents who not just want their children to read a story but also learn in the process. It a perfect gift at birthday parties too.

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