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I wish parenting came with a disclaimer for parents stating-“These acts are performed by professionals. Kindly do not try them at home!”

Parenting in these times is far challenging and nerve wracking than ever before. Parents at large are trying to cope up with hyperactive kids who get bored at the drop of a hat, need constantly something anew to keep them getting through the day.

What if I told you there’s help in sight. What all parents to millennials need are awesome hacks that will get you going and turn on the charm when it comes to your little one (for those related to your spouse, well not here).

1. Food related hacks: Feed time can be strenuous and agonizing to say the least. Remember your crinkled brows each time you have to feed. Its’ essential to remember that food that looks fun goes oh –so-easily in to that little tummy. These little hacks may help relieve those trying times, as you get ready to feed your little one:

a) Make yoghurt/juice popsicles to feed healthy in a fun way

b) Pre- cut fruits to resemble animals and decorate on the platter and you’d be surprised to see your little one ready to gulp down an elephant shaped watermelon!

c) Pizza parathas loaded with vegetables, cheese and healthy spreads is an awesome trick to get in that square meal!

2. Study time related hacks: Studying is hard work especially when you have multiple choices to stay away from books! Parents should try to ease their nerves when it comes to academics. Some tricks as these may help:

a) Kids study faster when there’s a waiting reward to grab, like an ice cream outing, a favorite T.V. show, an evening out with best buddy or exploring a new board game. Be cautious however to not make this a habit.

b) Older kids should be encouraged to make a time table and stick to it too

c) Give kids their daily responsibilities and a set routine to follow. Kids then know what to expect and what to complete before they can get their ‘me time’ of the day!

3. Bath related hacks: Your little one may either be an out an out water baby or may dread the thought of dipping his feet into water. These little hacks may help when it comes to aqua time:

a) The humble kitchen sink /the laundry basket make for a perfect bath. They offer just the space your little one and his bath toys need. Easy for you to monitor and get a chore done too as you keep an eye fixed on baby in a way that just mom can do!

b) A bath towel comes handy when it comes to enhancing the bath experience. Buy one that comes with a hood, has a pleasing color, is super soft and comes with fun patterns to excite little ones.

c) Save on your bath gels, shampoos and liquid soaps. Wrap a rubber band around the pump’s base and this little trick will save supplies as little hands begin to use them daily.

4. Medicine related hacks: OK admit it getting a sick child to take his meds is daunting. The syrup tastes yucky; the un-swallowed tablet comes out all sticky with puke and half the dosage stays unfinished in the cup itself.

a) Your child is smart and that makes you smarter. Outwit him when it comes to getting him to have his medicine. A little T.V doesn’t hurt anyone, especially when it can be used as a tool to distract kiddo to gulp down his medicine.

b) You could dip a lollipop into your child’s medicine and get him to suck away. Make sure to check with your doctor tough!

c) Mix medicine with his favorite drink and watch him sip away.

5. Clothing related hacks: Stress free school mornings are what every parent craves for. This is particularly true for those schools that don’t have a uniform policy.

a) A weekly child clothes organizer can help maintain sanity and solve the permanent problem of ‘what do I wear today’.

b) A little DIY job done right, together with your kids can go a long way in reinventing old clothes and also bring out the little artist to the fore!

6. Time out hacks: As vital as it is to cuddle, its’ significant to discipline too. Kids need to understand that they will be rewarded when they’ve been good and a time-out is in the reckoning for being naughty too. A small fixed place and time to serve this sentence may help!

7. Sibling related hacks: when you are parent to more than one kid, you will understand how important it is to decide which child holds the remote today/which one sits behind mum in the car today/whose turn is it to feed the pet/who gets to take that orange hanky to school today!

a) Chore chart: This one’s a must to divide age appropriate chores amongst your kids.

b) Getting siblings to play together through easy to play games like making a fort out of all the pillows/sheets/scarfs you find at home, blow up balloons and let them play hitting around the room, make tunnels out of old cardboard boxes and let them crawl through etc.

So go ahead get creative with your hacks and see how far it can take you!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are not by any expert. Kindly do your own research before applying any. The author is not liable for any damages in any manner.

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