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No. you can’t do that!

You are cheating.

Why can’t you pay attention.

Now listen. This is how you do it.

These typically are lines that start an argument in families, and end up with heartaches and tears. But not so, if the lines are a part of a family game. Then the lines become a process of bonding and fun. Games lead to family fun and laughter.

Here are seven interesting games for the family to play together:

1. Do you remember this?

You need sheets of paper and marker pens. Recall an incident connected to the group. Depict the event using simple matchstick drawings. Everybody tries to guess the event.

If at first the drawing is not very clear, the player can add details to the drawing to give greater clarity (or to add to the confusion!!)

The game of happy memories continues. The game leads to a lot of fun and laughter. Everybody can take turns to sketch and recall.

Sonny boy’s first Boy Scout trip! First bicycle ride! Kite flying at the sea coast!

2. Match Me

The group sits in a circle. A category or dimension is set. Everybody calls out objects that fit the category. The game proceeds clockwise.

Say you have decided upon the category: Things with Handles. So during the game you could name these.

Cup, Flask, Purse, Backpack, Jug, Bucket, Bag, Camera, Kettle

The image shows you Things you find on the wall.

Here are some more categories.

  • Things with wheels

  • Things that make a sound

  • Things that warm stuff

  • Things with wires

  • Things with a knob

  • Things that can be turned high and low

  • Things with wires

  • Things that fly/ have wings

3. Mime a job

This is a fast paced game. Everybody gets a chance to enact a profession. The rest of the group tries to guess. Since the actions are quite obvious, guessing does not take long and the game moves rapidly. What makes the game challenging is to quickly think of a profession before it’s your turn to act! Player who hesitates and cannot think of a profession gets O of OUT. When a player collects all 3 letters the game is over.

While there are many professions to enact, here are a few to set the ball rolling!

  • Barber

  • Carpenter

  • Flower vendor

  • Pianist

  • TV host

  • Photographer

4. Make a Collage

This is for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

You might use: Chart paper/ or display sheet, Glue, Magazines, flyers, Sunday-papers.

Distribute magazines, flyers and Sunday papers to all. Decide on a topic. Set the timer for 15 minutes. Divide the group into 2 or 4 teams. A large common display sheet is marked by lines into 2 or 4 sections. Teams tear off pictures and words and headlines related to the chosen topic. And stick their pieces on their section of the display sheet. The best section wins!

Write the date and venue. Write some interesting details for future viewing. Fix the collage on a wall. The collage makes a good conversation starter!

You can take pictures of the making of the collage. File the digital images away as keepsake. Or print them and make them a part of the collage.

Here are some topics to help you get started:

  1. Women

  2. Hair styles

  3. Success

  4. At work

  5. Muscle power

  6. Broken

  7. Walls

5. Card Games

Card games are quick and most likely do not need much thinking! Here is a simple card game that anyone can play.

Trash! – Everyone gets ten cards that they place face down in 2 neat rows. The remaining cards are kept in a pile in the centre. If you have more players use 2 packs. Use either the open card or use the closed one from the pile from the pack. Let us say you draw a 6. You count to the sixth card from your line-up of 10 cards. Remove it and place your open card there. Now look at the card you just replaced. Yeyy! That’s a 2! Place this new card in the second place and see what’s that card. Yeyy! It is a 9! Now place it is the ninth place. That card is maybe another 6 or a face card! That is of no use to us. So you discard it and the games moves to the next player. One who opens all cards in the winner!

Optional: The King is the Joker. You can use it for any place you choose.

6. Board Games

Every home has its own favorite board game. There are many games to choose from. Monopoly and Ludo are popular. Clue, Master Detective, Twister, Azul, Sequence, Catan, Splendor are some more games that you could explore.

Here are some 2 person games that are fun too. Othello, Checkers and Chess are mind engaging. Snakes & Ladders, Scrabble, and traditional games like Carrom and Mancala are super fun.

Of these my personal choice is Azul, Catan and Twister.

Some of these games can go on for ever! So we generally fix a timer and play till the beep!

7. Jenga

This is the most amazing game of skill, strategy and hilarious fun. You create a stack of wooden pieces. And then you take turns to pull out a wooden piece from the base of the tower and place it on top. As the tower goes higher and higher it becomes wobbly! And pulling out a piece without making the tower fall is a fabulous challenge.

If you wish to explore the world of family games do buy this book. It has an amazing selection of ten-minute games that require no preperation.

76 Little Games – Ratna Rao

Available on AMAZON and FLIPKART


Ratna Rao is a highly respected and admired teacher who has devoted over 30 years to the field of education. Her love of teaching began with her days as an English teacher, where she introduced unconventional strategies to keep her students engaged. Her interest in technology led her to a career in online education developing digital content that transformed how curriculum was taught to children. The exciting world of using technology to create teaching/learning tools was fascinating. After a long tenure she launched herself into the world of Teacher Training. As a freelancer she has travelled and conducted Teacher Training sessions in various k-12 schools and undergrad schools for teachers and students in different cities. She is also a qualified counselor from Banjara Academy. She enjoys helping teachers overcome everyday challenges in managing classrooms. A trusted advisor, motivational coach and innovative educator, she is a source of inspiration to everyone around her.

A mom, a grand-mom, a teacher and a storyteller who enjoys a frequent cup of hot tea and adores the smell of wet earth. She experiments with acrylics and oils, and is happy to gift away paintings to anyone who wants them. Kids in the age group 5 to 15 are like sponges soaking in the world around them. She writes for them, their teachers and their families.

Connect with her at

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are of the guest blogger and the views/ opinions belong solely to the original blogger and this does not necessarily represent the views and opinions expressed in this website. Book image is provided by the author.

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