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A high-spirited statement uttered with attitude (that could put the elite to shame) - “I AM ON A CALL.”

I hear a lot of my working friends moan and rant about their calls. And more often than not I am also told that they took the call from the cozy confines of their loo! On some calls I am given to understand that there’s a lot of ranting and on some others the participants are on mute (watching their favorite movie with sub titles on).

Now the home maker that I am, I am at liberty to occasionally get the better of my imagination. And this got me imagining! What if I were to be on a call! Would I be ecstatic or simple plain bored or will I turn the economy over to ring in world peace just as the reigning beauty queen!

And just then my phone rang… I have this old landline ringtone set on my 21st century cell phone; after all its’ loud and I can hear the phone even if the building was to come crashing down! Anyway that’s for another time. Getting back, my phone did ring and I get a missed call from my domestic help @ 7 am. In my already terrified mind I know the course of my upcoming day but hope against hope I call her.


Given the gravity of the matter, the kid can wait on the pot, the toast can stay put too and well Mr. Husband do I even need to say anything on your future course of action!

MY CALL BRINGS DOOM… “Didi (elder sister) I am not coming today, I am unwell” (I should give it to her for the baritone voice complete with sniffs and coughs).


Now what…get to work what else, kid’s on the pot, toast has popped out and dear husband knows he needs to swiftly leave home before doom!!!!

I have realized I have as a matter of fact been on other calls too. Just the other day I called my neighbor at 302 to discuss my neighbor at 305 and her balcony cleaning habits; the reason for our tiff; my call was indeed fruitful and my clever 302 neighbor had some hideous ideas up her sleeve to help me get rid of certain mrs.305’s watering menace and its resultant residue at my balcony.

All in all I can proudly raise a toast and proclaim I have been there done that! Phew a fad less to conquer after all.

And those with my Mother-In-Law; well that necessitates another article altogether.

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