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Children have you ever watched an adult tend to a garden? Have you seen them pull out weeds, cut out the old yellowing leaves, give the soil a little mix –up, water them, add soil nutrients and even talk to the plant! And then do you see the magic? A beautiful healthy plant grows spreading cheer all around.

Wouldn’t you want to grow a little garden yourself? And what if your little garden could be of use around the house and to all the members of the family too?

What are you waiting for? Get ready to grow your own little herb garden and hear everyone ‘oohing’ at the sight of your plants!

What you need:

Any good plant nursery will have all the under:

Planters (alternatively herbs can be planted in one big pot too)

Potting Soil

Seeds/Plants that you wish to grow

Some garden tools to help in digging and cutting


Garden mix/manure to keep plants healthy

Here's a list of some herbs that you may grow in your herb garden:


Basil is such a wonderful kitchen herb, it can be used in food, also as an insect repellent and when eaten it gives you Vitamins A,K,C, iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. You can grow Basil from seeds or clippings but you need to keep them safe during the winter months.


Though you may not like leaves in your food, but when mum adds them to food, straight from your garden, can you resist them? Coriander can be grown from seeds both in summer and spring, but make sure to keep them away from parasites and clean up the dry leaves too to have a healthy happy plant.


You know this pizza seasoning pretty well, don’t you? Oregano can be grown from seeds and both its leaves and flowers are edible! Oregano plants don’t like the cold weather, so make sure to keep them well covered during the winter months. Mum can use oregano in the kitchen, you may put oregano leaves in a bowl of water and use as an insect repellent and natural plant deodorizer.


Your peppermint plant can help the home garden in more ways than one. Peppermint helps to keep pests and rats away and is also a wonderful insect repellant. Your mint leaves can help dad and mum have a wonderful cup of peppermint tea and mojitos. Peppermint grows out of seeds and these seeds grow into plants well when no soil covers them as they pop up.


Thyme is a wonderful herb and helps take care of the hair, skin, nails and eyes. Tea with thyme can help cure cold and cough. Thyme seeds should be planted and kept indoors until they begin to grow. You will also find honey bees near thyme which will help in pollination too!

Happy Gardening!

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