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Out into my garden, I went at three and up leaped a spider at me,

Unto the tree I nearly climbed, met a beetle there singing a rhyme!

I nearly panicked, fell off the tree;

Landing on the ground I met a honey bee

Buzzing she went her way and I was too scared to stay

Run as fast as I could; only to meet the earthworm popping out as it should.

I wanted to flee and nearly broke my knee,

Just then passed the dragon fly giving me the glee.

As bright as a cherry crawled the ladybug under my feet,

She was racing the ant in the heat.

To home I ran fast as the wind

Leaving the insects and all the din!

Insects bring out the fear and awe in me. But I managed to read some bit about them and I really am not so afraid after all.

Did you know there are nearly 30 million insect species in this world! And a majority of these are yet to be even named!

We know insects as creatures that bring about disease and destruction. But would it be news if I tell you that most insects are actually very useful to not just humans but also to mother earth.

How do insects actually help us?

· Pollination-Plant life thrives on pollination. As the insects visit flowers to collect nectar, they carry pollen alongside and ensure that plants continue to grow wherever they find happy suitable soil.

· Food Products: Insects give us honey, silk, wax; lacquer etc. and they are also consumed as delicacies in some cultures of the world!

· Getting rid of trash: Insects have the unique capability to rid earth of organic matter such as dried leaves, decomposition of animals etc. They act as organic earth cleansers and recyclers!

· Nitrogen releasers: Insect bodies are chiefly made up of nitrogen and when they die this important ingredient is returned back to the soil.

Want to learn more about insects?

If insects do catch your fancy then visit these sites to learn more about them:

I hope you will now discover the marvelous world of insects and record your findings too.

Cheers to your “INSECTOPEDIA”!

First published in The Knowledgeable Kid, Facebook page for kids

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