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Like a little bird I flew around,

Having wings too gave me a ground,

I came back to mum, came back to love,

Till the day, I flew away like a new dove.

Wedding bells rang true, there was no time to feel the blues,

A new flight I took with wings anew,

Before I knew it, life turned around,

And I was the mum, the new ground.

Days went by, weeks too,

My wings gathered dust and were a little bruised too...

There were new dreams to nurture, new hopes to fondle,

My nest was full holding sometimes more than I could handle.

Two little eyes stared at me and it all came back to me,

I knew my angel would now dream through me.

I blew the dust away, stacked up chores for another day.

My wings flapped again, the wind blew through

Crisp they were as if new....

Flight I must take and still hold the ground

My nest needed me just as the sky beckoned

Discover I could and now I reckon,

There's more to me .... than just my ground.

Together we flew, two to tango,

My baby and me...

Life seemed so surreal, like a dream...

I needed to take flight, my horizon was too, in sight,

But this time I wasn't alone

My little dreamer too was singing a new tone

I was a mum, a buddy, a wife and more to hubby too

Their dreams were mine to hold,

I was their ground glittery like gold....

That’s when I understood, could fathom too

There’s more to me than I ever knew.

Wings gave me flight, dreams I could dream

But together with them my nest was always complete.

There will be days when dreams will blur

And my wings would just not flutter

That’s when I know they’ll be there for me

For its true there really is more to me.

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