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1) My inspiration to write poetry stems from various sources. This time, this beautiful salad art created by a creative friend provided the dose of inspiration. Loved the idea, choice of colors and the commitment.

I woke up to another day,

The golden rays shimmering with life,

Nature casting her resplendence on me,

The wealth of the universe exuberant-

Above floated in harmony

Pregnant clouds - sailing smooth

Lazing around in the blue vastness

Gazing at the beauty below!

Swaying luminescence of greens

Orangish embers lighting up

Serene whites resplendent

Prosperous yellows shining bright!

I blinked again at the beautiful sight

Only to realize this was a touch of creativity

Every pixel chiseled with beauty

The artist was at her best again!

2) I penned this inspired during a trek at Zurich astounded by the beauty of this colorful tree. Nature's lap can be soothing to the soul. A lesson from a fun filled, relaxing trip amidst the soul of the hills.

The wind knows no prejudice

As it caresses the mountains and valleys alike

With equanimity embossed within

Travelling at its own pace.

The silvery spring knows no bias

Gurgling with joy, laughing at its environs

With equal measure- day or night notwithstanding

Melody nestled in its core.

The towering trees know no favorites

Splashing serenity till the horizon

Rocks and boulders, soil and water not hampering

The inherent essence of growth.

Amused, I turned back, the web of judgements spreading its leash across mankind.

Walked I, shredding through the meshes of opinions

The spirit of unconditional love lit within.


Sindhu Kalyanasundaram is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and works with organizations to enhance the effectiveness of people, teams.

Her ventures Ignite Akademi and Sarva Happiness focus on leadership building, team building, training & development, measuring Employee & Customer happiness and creating Happy Organizations.

An avid reader, she loves writing poetry, indulging in Bharatnatyam (an Indian dance form) and listening to music from Carnatic (Indian classical music) to Pop.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are of the guest blogger and the views/opinions expressed belong solely to the original blogger and this does not necessarily represent the views and opinions expressed in this website. The images are provided by the blogger.

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