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Fly away my little one

Let no fear hold you down

The sky is calling out to you

Your roots will hold your ground

Let loose the wind beneath your wings

Let nothing hold you back

Soar up my darling, for your roots will hold you strong.

If there’s anything you can give your child, that’s worth its weight in gold, give her the strength to fly yet hold her ground. Let her dream each day, dreams that will let her explore the territory unknown. Let her wake up to a world of endless possibilities. Let her discover herself and her various strengths. Let her realize her follies and find their remedies. Let her live life on her own terms.

The world we live in, this large enormous green planet is a melting pot for things cultural and social. Every geography speaks of varied cultures and practices. It is but easy for a young vulnerable mind to get lost in this chaos. It is certainly possible for her to lose her identity and ape mindlessly. It is most likely for her to rebel for a non-valid cause and lose her sense of purpose in life.

It is said you cannot go anywhere, unless you know from where you have come. As a parent, it is significant that you help your child understand where she’s come from. Show her the world but begin first with her roots. Let her understand the cultural practices and traditions that are a critical part of her identity. Let her discover the many practices that are unique to your family and are part of the family tradition. Just by this simple exercise you will give her a firm footing. You will teach her to stand strong in this world with endless distractions. You will give her a sense of pride and shape her personality and self- confidence. Your child will stand strong knowing fully well who she is. This is a simple way to strengthen family bonds in the age where everything comes apart like a tower of cards.

With her roots firmly in ground, your child will flourish and soar unbound.

First published in the prestigious Noteworthy Journal

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